49ers vs. Packers preview – A blog tradition like no other

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For the third year in a row, my friend (who was unfortunately born into the pre-existing condition of 49ers fandom) Mark and I are exchanging emails as the NFL playoffs kickoff. In 2011 it was in anticipation of a 49ers at Packers match-up that never transpired. In 2012 it was ahead of a game I… Read more »

Packers vs. Cowboys – A personal recap

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Matt, Eddie, Tramon and Sam were making plays. Ridiculous, insane and you-have-no-business-being-human plays. Midway through the frenetic fourth quarter on Sunday, right after one such play, I was pacing up and down the living room like a man awaiting his cancer screening results. I was sweaty, pale and paying no attention to anything other than… Read more »

Dom Capers’ biggest test yet

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There is no silver lining for the Packers in the aftermath of Aaron Rodgers’ fractured collarbone on Monday Night Football. This injury reduces their chances of winning the NFC North, winning a playoff spot ahead of the Bears/Lions and Panthers, and of winning 10+ games (for a fifth successive season). Eleven wins are likely needed… Read more »

My eight minutes of internet fame

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Watching several hours of NFL football for over a decade finally bore fruit as the roomful of heroes at NFL.COM’s Around the League blog and podcast invited me to participate in their monthly trivia contest titled ‘Win Chris Wesseling’s toaster’. I have been a huge fan of Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling and it was… Read more »

10 thoughts ahead of 2013 NFL season

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1) The Green Bay Packers will not make the playoffs. Brutal schedule, offensive line issues, a historically good NFC and a much improved Chicago Bears roster will all together ensure the Green Bay Packers finish 9-7 or 10-6 and not make the playoffs. This will pain me and frustrate me but will not deter me… Read more »

A Packers 2013 preview with Football Outsiders’ Rivers Mccown

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NFL season is here and The annual Football Outsiders almanac available here for just $12.50 and in paperback here for $22.95 is pretty much the only book I read for football stuff. All of the writing is analytical, thought-provoking and written by people who are proficient with both advanced statistics and game tape. More than… Read more »

A letter to Greg Jennings

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Dear Greg, It’s not you. It’s not me either. I wanted you back but not so badly that it would affect the Packers’ ability to re-sign Rodgers, Matthews, Raji and Cobb. You wanted to play for the Vikings not because you disliked the Packers or had any Favre-ian grudge. You just wanted to play for… Read more »

Five thoughts on Charles Woodson’s release from the Packers

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Charles Woodson was released by the Packers today in a typical to-be-expected Ted Thompson move. Here are five thoughts on the release – 1) A Ted Thompson special – The pickup of free agent Charles Woodson in 2006 will always be one of Ted Thompson’s highlights. When the Oakland Raiders released Woodson, nobody in the… Read more »

5 quick Packers related thoughts for the start of the offseason

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5 quick thoughts on the Packers as we get into the long and painful offseason of football – 1. The organization’s initial public responses to the defensive issues exposed by the 49ers seem to indicate that Dom Capers will be back. Mike Mccarthy and Kevin Greene pooh-poohed the questions related to Dom Capers’ job status… Read more »