The Establishment vs. Online courses

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I was perplexed by the conclusions Gregory Ferenstein drew in this Techcrunch piece about how 72% of professors who teach online courses don’t think students deserve credit for those courses. Gregory says that this shows what an uphill fight online courses will have in establishing and gaining credibility. I couldn’t disagree more. Active professors independent… Read more »

The irrelevance of Rajinikanth

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Rajinikanth is the most popular living human being in Tamil Nadu. With a zillion fans who have worshipped him thru the years, he possesses the biggest bully pulpit in the state. The people of the state have showered their love on him for nearly three decades. The people of Tamil Nadu have embraced his movies… Read more »

Ramachandra Guha and his distance from an Indian cricket fan

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Bill Simmons is American sport’s most influential voice today. He is ESPN’s single most indispensable property. He has over a million Twitter followers and is read by more people weekly than any other American sports columnist, reporter or writer. He is so popular that his milquetoast conversations with childhood friends (which sound like they could… Read more »

Remembering Kolaveri on its first birthday

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[youtube] I would love to see what a Google search of the term ‘kolaveri’returned prior to November 16, 2011. On November 16, 2011 an innocuous YouTube promo of a Tanglish song “Why This Kolaveri Di’ affected the world like no Indian song ever did or ever will. Extraordinarily simple lyrics plus an even simpler… Read more »

Nirmal Shekar and credibility

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“Writing is thinking. It is not about putting fancy words together, but more to do with the clarity of thought. I have been, by nature, a truth-seeker. And this helps. My passion has always been to scratch the surface, dig deep and see sport (and people who play sport) for what it is.” -Nirmal Shekar,… Read more »

Harsha Bhogle is India’s Thomas Friedman

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“Thank God it’s Friday! Harsha’s column must be up.” : No one, ever. Friday after Friday, Harsha Bhogle occupies premium space on the world’s premier cricket website. It is a position of great influence and enormous visibility. It is one of the few dashboards with which historically static and stoic national and global bodies can… Read more »