How to watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 in the U.S

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The Cricket World Cup begins in 15 days with a promising double-header. Sri Lanka play New Zealand at Christchurch and Australia face England at the Melbourne Cricket ground. If, like me, you live in the U.S you are probably already thinking about ways to celebrate Valentine’s day a week early or a week late so… Read more »

A cricket primer for America ahead of the World T20 final on ESPN2

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America, A very unfamiliar program will greet you this Sunday morning when you turn on ESPN2. Instead of the dulcet tone and canned notes of John Saunders or the 732’nd breakdown of the Final Four, you will be greeted with cacophony, terrible play-by-play and references to tracer bullets. You may also be greeted with loud,… Read more »

Rajdeep Sardesai – Bad tweet, Worse reaction

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At around 9:30 AM IST on Saturday, Rajdeep Sardesai (Editor-in-chief IBN 18 network) said this on his Twitter account – while Namo travels the country, my Nemo needs to be taken for a walk in the park! Different folks, different priorities! Enjoy the weekend. — Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) February 8, 2014 Rajdeep has 1.3 Million… Read more »

Irrational exuberance over Afghanistan cricket

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Last week my twitter timeline was abuzz with excitement over Afghanistan’s qualification into the 2015 cricket world cup. Renowned simpleton Harsha Bhogle led the cheerleading charge and had this to say: a very moving story waiting to happen. if afghanistan beat keny, they make it to #cwc2015 just pause and imagine what it will mean… Read more »

Facebook and I

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I have always been skeptical of Facebook-the company and its corporate dictatorship, Facebook-the product and the people behind Facebook. To date I do not have a personal account on Facebook and will never have one. I wish I had held firm with these beliefs on a December night last year when under the weight of… Read more »

“With great power comes even greater power”, BCCI

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Somewhere in the video vaults of Mr.N.Srinivasan and the power brokers of Indian cricket at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) there lies an alternate version of the original Spiderman movie. In this version, Peter Parker’s uncle says,”With great power, comes even greater power.” Not satisfied with being the big swinging dick… Read more »

Manu Joseph’s tripe is an Independence Day gift to us all

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On the 66’th anniversary of his nation’s independence, noted Chennai-hater and literary prize winner Manu Joseph decided to use the precious real estate of The New York Times for some doodle-y scribbles about the random thought bubbles that occupied the space above his head. The newspaper of record must be going thru some internal strife… Read more »

The New York Times and their blog India Ink troll India and Indians

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Say you were a sportswriter who had issues with basketball. Say you wrote about most sports and called yourself a sports fan but were extremely queasy about the sport of basketball (for reasons related to your time as a high school athlete). Would you expect to be hired as the editor-in-chief of a basketball magazine… Read more »

L Sivaramakrishnan – Mediocre, devoid of insight and powerful

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Several posts and articles have expressed several different concerns about the elevation of BCCI-employed commentator and India Cements employee L Sivaramakrishnan (Siva) to the ICC cricket committee as one of two player representatives. For a primer on what the cricket committee does, do check this out. Like most things that happen behind-the-scenes in the sport… Read more »