Immigration reform 2013, green cards and Indians in technology

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P.S: I have written more about this topic with upto-date posts on the state of immigration reform 2013 here and here. A bipartisan group of American senators (Four Republicans + Four Democrats) released a framework for an immigration act today. This means that comprehensive immigration reform is very likely to happen in the United States… Read more »

Eyeballs & The Page 3-ization of THE HINDU : Real reason behind recent stories

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Two short articles from the CHENNAI section of The Hindu were all over my online universe today. One was about the Right to Education law recently approved by the Supreme Court and the other was about a brouhaha at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). They stimulated tons of discussion on email forums, workplace water… Read more »

A dream list for the next Lok Sabha elections

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Earlier, popular Indian blogger Sidin Sunny Murakami Vadukut broke his self imposed blogging-as-a-metaphor-for-eating strike. In doing so he unleashed a post so well thought out, funny and influential that for a while I mistook the much retweeted link to be a Ramesh Srivats tweet. The post is an excellent read for any one remotely interested… Read more »