The Senate immigration bill & its impact on H-1B and F-1 visa holders

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Sweeping immigration reform is a huge priority of American politicians currently in power. I have traced the process of this reform thru its different stages in the last three months here, here and here. This post is an update for April 2013 and is a deep dive into the Senate’s proposal which is expected to… Read more »

Update on Immigration reform 2013 and impact on Indians on F-1 & H-1B: A perceived divide gets bigger

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This is the third part in a series of posts about immigration reform 2013 happening in the US and its impact on Indians on F-1 and H-1B visas. The earlier two posts are here and here. The goal of this post is to clarify the implications of the latest developments in Washington D.C while also… Read more »

The Establishment vs. Online courses

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I was perplexed by the conclusions Gregory Ferenstein drew in this Techcrunch piece about how 72% of professors who teach online courses don’t think students deserve credit for those courses. Gregory says that this shows what an uphill fight online courses will have in establishing and gaining credibility. I couldn’t disagree more. Active professors independent… Read more »

Immigration reform 2013, green cards and Indians in technology – March edition

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P.S: I have written more recently on this topic with newer information here. Six weeks ago I wrote about the promising state of comprehensive immigration reform in the US Congress. I wrote about how I expect the green card thru employment process to become significantly easier and a touch more expensive for Indians who have… Read more »

Kai Po Che – Finally a worthy cricket movie

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A few days back, prolific tweeter and hard-core cricket fan Mahek Vyas tweeted about the shocking paucity of cricket movies in Hindi considering how big and wide cricket’s influence is. Outside of Lagaan, there has not been a well-made and memorable Hindi movie where cricket played a central role. It was a thought that resonated… Read more »

Cricket’s next great commentator – Matthew Hayden

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The elusive search for a cricketer-turned-commentator who doesn’t spout clich├ęs and actually talks in an entertaining and informative manner is over. Two days are no sample size to make a decision on but the search for that good ex-cricketer turned commentator has gone on for so long and has been so wrong in the past… Read more »

South Indian restaurants, wait times and incentives

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I visited one of the many popular, tasty and authentic South Indian restaurants in the Bay Area this weekend. Going to these restaurants on a weekend during lunch/dinner involves quite the wait. The experience waiting for a table and then the food in these restaurants is quite similar to the experience waiting for lunch/dinner at… Read more »