The First of March – This is why I watch

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Every time the calendar moves to the 1’st March, I need little spiritual me-time. No single date on the calendar has affected the sports fan in me, as much. 11-year-old me watched a cricket match on a 1’st of March only to have faith and passion ripped out in the most brutal fashion imaginable. 22-year-old… Read more »

Anticipation is the best part – Test cricket edition

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This post will be irrelevant an hour from now. Day 3 of the gripping test match between India and Australia at Chennai would have commenced then. And the anticipation and predictions in our head would have either been disproved violently or validated indelibly. But for now I want to talk about the anticipation and how… Read more »

Six defining memories of Australia vs. India in India

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My first memories of test match cricket are of a batsman vomiting. Five year old me watched Dean Jones puke, many times over. I don’t remember what I thought or what my dad and his friends told me as Dean Jones puked, peed and sweat his way to a double hundred. But I remember watching… Read more »

Ramachandra Guha and his distance from an Indian cricket fan

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Bill Simmons is American sport’s most influential voice today. He is ESPN’s single most indispensable property. He has over a million Twitter followers and is read by more people weekly than any other American sports columnist, reporter or writer. He is so popular that his milquetoast conversations with childhood friends (which sound like they could… Read more »

Conversation with a member of the Barmy Army

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Fans of the England cricket team travel really well. They are collectively known as the Barmy army and were out in large numbers at the Mumbai test match versus India that I was at. They were all over the stadium and in all the city hotspots. They applauded good cricket, enjoyed the Mumbai experience and… Read more »

Wankhede memories: From a fairy tale to a gut punch

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There are about 3000 seats at the Wankhede stadium which are fully exposed to the brutish Mumbai sun for much of an afternoon. Not even the thousands of English men and women who were in Mumbai on a cricket pilgrimage dared to occupy those seats thru the days of the Mumbai test. Outside of those… Read more »