Seven questions ahead of IPL 7 auction

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Cricinfo’s Nagraj Gollapudi provides us some insight into what the select cavalcade of rich Indian businessmen are thinking up and thinking of ahead of the next edition of cricket’s most lucrative league and tournament. Based on this article and other tidbits that have been revealed about IPL 7 so far, here are seven questions I… Read more »

Irrational exuberance over Afghanistan cricket

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Last week my twitter timeline was abuzz with excitement over Afghanistan’s qualification into the 2015 cricket world cup. Renowned simpleton Harsha Bhogle led the cheerleading charge and had this to say: a very moving story waiting to happen. if afghanistan beat keny, they make it to #cwc2015 just pause and imagine what it will mean… Read more »

Cricket Australia’s dangerous game

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Having successfully destroyed the domestic competition that was once the envy of the cricket universe, Cricket Australia (CA) is now embarking on a mission to destroy the separation of church and state; Church and state that had coexisted quite seamlessly in the sport until now. Daniel Brettig of Cricinfo writes about how Fawad Ahmed (a… Read more »

“With great power comes even greater power”, BCCI

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Somewhere in the video vaults of Mr.N.Srinivasan and the power brokers of Indian cricket at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) there lies an alternate version of the original Spiderman movie. In this version, Peter Parker’s uncle says,”With great power, comes even greater power.” Not satisfied with being the big swinging dick… Read more »

My 100’th post : Why I write

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“When you sit down to write, there is only one important person in your life. This is someone you will never meet, called a reader”, Former Guardian science editor, letters editor, arts editor and literary editor Tim Radford. This is the blog’s 100’th post. I thought this would be a good time to share with… Read more »

The day India learnt to chase

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Cricket teams rarely become good overnight. They take steps. They take a step. And then they take the next step. The confluence of talented players, intelligent coaches, luck and the best laid plans help teams get better. Allan Border and Steve Waugh speak fondly of the ’86 tour to India and how big a step… Read more »

Duncan, who? – A request for the definitive Duncan Fletcher piece

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In the latest instance of the excellent Cricket Sadist Hour podcast, the two most important voices covering Aussie cricket today vent freely about the sudden and yet understandable move to replace the coach of Australia’s cricket team mere days before the Ashes. The whole conversation is a must-listen and details very well how varied the… Read more »

Five quick thoughts on IPL 6 spot fixing allegations

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Five initial and quick thoughts on the IPL 6 spot fixing scandal that just broke a few hours ago – 1. Innocent until proven guilty – This needs to be repeated time and again. Three cricketers have been detained and arrested but we do not yet know if any or all of them are guilty…. Read more »