A visit to Akshardham

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Amidst the array of Mughal and British monuments that dot the New and Old Delhi landscape is a 21’st century tribute to the world’s oldest religion. Akshardham was highly recommended to me by a bunch of friends who told me to not stick to the usual must-see list provided to tourists. The three hours I… Read more »

Running in Chennai and the Chennai marathon

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I love running outdoors. I find it therapeutic and stress-busting. I know it is not the most potent and powerful form of weight control. I know there are a ton of things I could do instead including eating less to keep my Body Mass Index (BMI) at an acceptable level or build some muscle. Yet… Read more »

My evening at The Comedy Store in Mumbai

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While in Mumbai I had the opportunity to attend my first stand-up comedy performances in India. Here below are five thoughts and memories from my 2+ hours at The Comedy Store in Mumbai. 1) The Comedy Store is a comedy club situated in a swanky mall in the Lower Parel neighborhood. It took me about… Read more »

Conversation with a member of the Barmy Army

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Fans of the England cricket team travel really well. They are collectively known as the Barmy army and were out in large numbers at the Mumbai test match versus India that I was at. They were all over the stadium and in all the city hotspots. They applauded good cricket, enjoyed the Mumbai experience and… Read more »

Wankhede memories: From a fairy tale to a gut punch

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There are about 3000 seats at the Wankhede stadium which are fully exposed to the brutish Mumbai sun for much of an afternoon. Not even the thousands of English men and women who were in Mumbai on a cricket pilgrimage dared to occupy those seats thru the days of the Mumbai test. Outside of those… Read more »

Interview with a cab driver from Jaipur

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Regular work and life entail a lot of routine and familiarity. This makes it harder for me to embrace and view other people’s perspectives and lives in this wonderful world of ours. Too often I am taking the same route to work, eating the same foods, repeating the same worlds and narrowing my comfort zone… Read more »

When Wankhede became WankheChe

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The ongoing Mumbai test match between India and England was a must-see for me on my sabbatical. Being in Mumbai over the next five days is going to help me kill several bucket list birds with one stone. I haven’t been to Mumbai in over a decade. That in itself was reason enough to warrant… Read more »

A day at the National Rail Museum – New Delhi

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Tucked away amidst a million national consulates and embassies in the verdant Chanakyapuri neighborhood of New Delhi, India is the National Rail Museum. For an entry fee of Rs. 20-50 (depending on your nationality) it is the tourist attraction with the highest return on investment. If you’re into trains and the history and engineering behind… Read more »

An Indian in India

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For the second leg of my sabbatical, I chose India. This wasn’t an easy choice. I have always wanted to spend time in Scandinavia and Australia much much more than I have wanted to visit New Delhi. But part of this sabbatical was to understand myself and like millions of Indians who left India for… Read more »

Remembering Kolaveri on its first birthday

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR12Z8f1Dh8?rel=0&w=560&h=315] I would love to see what a Google search of the term ‘kolaveri’returned prior to November 16, 2011. On November 16, 2011 an innocuous YouTube promo of a Tanglish song “Why This Kolaveri Di’ affected the world like no Indian song ever did or ever will. Extraordinarily simple lyrics plus an even simpler… Read more »