Cricket’s next great commentator – Matthew Hayden

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The elusive search for a cricketer-turned-commentator who doesn’t spout clich├ęs and actually talks in an entertaining and informative manner is over. Two days are no sample size to make a decision on but the search for that good ex-cricketer turned commentator has gone on for so long and has been so wrong in the past… Read more »

South Indian restaurants, wait times and incentives

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I visited one of the many popular, tasty and authentic South Indian restaurants in the Bay Area this weekend. Going to these restaurants on a weekend during lunch/dinner involves quite the wait. The experience waiting for a table and then the food in these restaurants is quite similar to the experience waiting for lunch/dinner at… Read more »

Anticipation is the best part – Test cricket edition

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This post will be irrelevant an hour from now. Day 3 of the gripping test match between India and Australia at Chennai would have commenced then. And the anticipation and predictions in our head would have either been disproved violently or validated indelibly. But for now I want to talk about the anticipation and how… Read more »

Five thoughts on Charles Woodson’s release from the Packers

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Charles Woodson was released by the Packers today in a typical to-be-expected Ted Thompson move. Here are five thoughts on the release – 1) A Ted Thompson special – The pickup of free agent Charles Woodson in 2006 will always be one of Ted Thompson’s highlights. When the Oakland Raiders released Woodson, nobody in the… Read more »

Immigration reform 2013, green cards and Indians in technology

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P.S: I have written more about this topic with upto-date posts on the state of immigration reform 2013 here and here. A bipartisan group of American senators (Four Republicans + Four Democrats) released a framework for an immigration act today. This means that comprehensive immigration reform is very likely to happen in the United States… Read more »