Hopeless New Year!

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“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Andy Dufresne lied. As I watch the Indian cricket team slink away to the sort of defeat I grew up scarred by, I do not see hope. No hope today, No hope in 2012 and no hope that India… Read more »

The tale of the tail !

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The failure of the Indian attack to clean up the Aussie tail in the recent Melbourne test gave fans of Team India their once-a-tour deja vu. My own “tail wagging against India” virginity was taken cruelly from me on the eve of my twelfth standard board exam! What I thought would be India’s first significant… Read more »

Butterfly effect and the NFL playoffs

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As fans we tend to underestimate the butterfly effect and seek comfort in attributing significant outcomes to simplistic themes. In sport, the most common theme is the skills of primary protagonists involved. Team A won the championship because Team A played better than Team B and worked harder than Team B. But this is not… Read more »

Ashwin’s tweet and those seven deliveries!

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Minutes after one of the great individual all round performances in recent test history, Ashwin Ravichandran tweeted to the world “Can anyone tell what differently cud have been done??instead of saying cud have run the 2…moment I completed 1 the throw was over my head.” Active athletes, coaches, politicians  and performers rarely tweet what they… Read more »

Thanksgiving day Thanks to the Packers!

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    I am a Packer fan. I write this post at about 4AM (PST) on Thanksgiving Day. About nine hours from now, I expect the team in smurf blue attire to hand my beloved Packers their first defeat of the season. I expect the defeat to be followed by a lot of “We told you… Read more »

Challenging Mr. Bhogle – Episode I

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What spirit?   In his Cricinfo piece dated September 23’rd 2011, Harsha Bhogle eulogizes Jacques Kallis. Kallis, you see, took an opposing team’s fielder at his word and decided to walk back to the pavilion without waiting for the third umpire’s decision. Kallis, you see, did not wait for modern day technology to validate the… Read more »

Thank you Mr. Rahul Dravid!

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The Hypothesis:  If you repeat a lie often enough, enough people will believe it. Several politicians make it big solely on this premise and call it strategy! My first dalliance with this was when the ‘Rahul Dravid is not a fit for One Day Cricket (ODI)’ meme started doing the rounds in 1998. An honorary… Read more »