Bonus points in ODI tournaments: A mismatch between intention and usage

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In late 2001, the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided that a system to provide bonus points in certain multi-nation One Day International (ODI) tournaments would be a good thing. The idea was that encouraging teams to chase down targets in fewer than 50 overs or to bowl out teams cheaply, would promote attacking cricket and… Read more »

Srikanth and Sardesai vs. Simmons – An apples to oranges comparison!

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Most Indians who emigrate to the US have to constantly deal with questions from their self and from friends and family on why they choose to do so. It is a complex question that requires thought and nuance and the answers vary from individual to individual. For every day that one’s grateful for traffic-free commutes… Read more »

Just like the 90’s , Just like when it all began!

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Just over fifteen years to this date, Sachin Tendulkar made his most memorable One Day International (ODI) hundred yet. The venue and city were so nondescript that neither Sachin nor the Indian team would ever visit the town again. The scenario though would be one that’d play out on television screens across India many times… Read more »


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The highly profitable, completely autonomous and all-powerful Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced yesterday that all Ranji Trophy games would be played at neutral venues. I can confirm with sources both anonymous and real that this was no Valentine’s Day prank or fake tweet gone viral! This is for real. I try… Read more »

A dream list for the next Lok Sabha elections

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Earlier, popular Indian blogger Sidin Sunny Murakami Vadukut broke his self imposed blogging-as-a-metaphor-for-eating strike. In doing so he unleashed a post so well thought out, funny and influential that for a while I mistook the much retweeted link to be a Ramesh Srivats tweet. The post is an excellent read for any one remotely interested… Read more »

Counterpoints: E-mail exchanges with a Niners fan Part III (Commiserations and Post Mortems)

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Parts I and II of the intense conversation between me (die-hard Packer fan) and Mark (@bashdazzle on Twitter and die-hard 49ers fan) prior to the NFC divisional playoff games in January 2012 are here and here respectively. Part III where I finally put my shock and disappointment in to words and is right below Mark’s… Read more »

Counterpoints: E-mail exchanges with a Niners fan Part II (The optimism prior to gameday)

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From: Sundararaman, Shyam Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 12:40 AM To: Gray, Mark Cc: Sundararaman, Shyam Subject: E-mail exchanges this week? Mark, Apologies for the delay. I did bad today in not prioritizing what is truly important. I am glad you are on board about the good guys at Football outsiders. I think they haven’t… Read more »