In Ted, everyone trusts. But should they? Analyzing the 2012 Packer draft

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Draft grades and reviews right after the draft are meaningless. While judgements made about the value of picking one player over another based on league-wide demand for the same skill and talent is slightly more relevant, there is still far too much uncertainty and ambiguity to the draft and coaching processes that any immediate draft… Read more »

Six predictions for the 2012 Green Bay Packers draft

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Ted Thompson is entering his eighth draft as the Packer Czar. His approval rating among Packer fans is incredibly high and perception of the GM, front office brass and organization could not be more different from this time, eight or even four drafts ago. Busts like this first round whiff, this United Football League star… Read more »

Eyeballs & The Page 3-ization of THE HINDU : Real reason behind recent stories

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Two short articles from the CHENNAI section of The Hindu were all over my online universe today. One was about the Right to Education law recently approved by the Supreme Court and the other was about a brouhaha at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). They stimulated tons of discussion on email forums, workplace water… Read more »

IPL Analytics Part II – Run totals from past seasons

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Nothing says cricket like an Australian retread joking with a California girl on a Chennai summer day! IPL 2012 is officially underway. I hope to provide an interesting statistical analytics perspective thru the tournament. In Part I of my IPL Analytics series, I looked at the possible impact in the IPL on teams when they… Read more »

IPL Analytics Part I – Impact of back-to-backs

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Any time he is praised, the most successful active NFL head coach reverts to milquetoast quotes that downplay his role in his team’s success. One of his staples is “players win games”. To me, this is very profound. American media especially ESPN constantly idolize coaches comparing them to leaders and fathers rather than paid professionals…. Read more »