How to watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 in the U.S

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The Cricket World Cup begins in 15 days with a promising double-header. Sri Lanka play New Zealand at Christchurch and Australia face England at the Melbourne Cricket ground. If, like me, you live in the U.S you are probably already thinking about ways to celebrate Valentine’s day a week early or a week late so… Read more »

My quiz at the Bay Area Quiz Club August 2014

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The Bay Area Quiz club meets once a month on the campus of Stanford University. One volunteer prepares a collection of questions while 20-40 smart men and women are partitioned randomly into teams and attempt to answer these questions. The questions span a vast range of topics and typically make you think hard. It is… Read more »

The kids are alright – Indian cricket and a momentous win at Lord’s

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I was lucky to be at Lord’s this past week to watch an extraordinary game of cricket. Over the next two days, I will be writing more about my time there, the experience of watching a game at Lord’s, the food and drink at Lord’s all accompanied with plenty of pictures and videos. Before that,… Read more »

The fault in our star: Why the five test series vs. England is all about Dhoni

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played in over 500 cricket matches in just under nine years. He has kept wickets in almost all these games while also shouldering the mantle of captaincy in over 70% of the games. During this period he has achieve unique success and authored memorable moments simply known to cricket fans as… Read more »

A cricket primer for America ahead of the World T20 final on ESPN2

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America, A very unfamiliar program will greet you this Sunday morning when you turn on ESPN2. Instead of the dulcet tone and canned notes of John Saunders or the 732’nd breakdown of the Final Four, you will be greeted with cacophony, terrible play-by-play and references to tracer bullets. You may also be greeted with loud,… Read more »