When brilliant met invincible

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Virat in Sanskrit means brilliant. Ajinkya in Sanskrit means invincible. Rarely in cricket history have protagonist names matched their virtuoso deeds as they did for four hours on Sunday, the 28’th of December 2014 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Two 26 year olds put on a show. They drove and they cut and they… Read more »

My quiz at the Bay Area Quiz Club August 2014

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The Bay Area Quiz club meets once a month on the campus of Stanford University. One volunteer prepares a collection of questions while 20-40 smart men and women are partitioned randomly into teams and attempt to answer these questions. The questions span a vast range of topics and typically make you think hard. It is… Read more »

Five lasting videos from the Lord’s test

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There were five videos from my five days at Lord’s that I wanted to share with y’all. Here they are below in descending order of entertainment 1) The Ravi Jadejaaaa chant – I have been driving my wife nuts with this chant. Hope you will drive someone nuts too ! 2) The “Jimmy is a… Read more »

Five days at Lord’s

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Checking something off the bucket list is fun. It is where prayer meets planning meets reality. Attending major events at three iconic sports venues is the entirety of my travel bucket list and I hadn’t visited a place on my list since a freezing January morning in 2004 (I was at this game). Until July… Read more »

Vegetarian food in Peru

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One year ago (to the date), I wrote about finding vegetarian food in Taiwan. Taiwan is notoriously difficult for herbivores and the whole exercise of me writing that post was to make it easier for vegetarians like me to survive on trips to the Asian superpower-in-progress. This post on the other hand is about searching… Read more »