This blog is edited and maintained by Shyam Sundararaman. Shyam was born in Chennai, India. He has spent significant chunks of his life in Chennai, Bangalore, Madison and Sacramento. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He currently lives in California and wants to become a full time writer. Until then, he hopes to use this blog to provide a fresh perspective on cricket, Indian diaspora, Indian news media and professional American football.

Shyam is a fan of Rahul Dravid, the Green Bay Packers and vegetarian food from Tamil Nadu. Any bias towards these sacred cows is probably intentional. He also posts pictures of food he enjoys a lot at his other blog. You can also view his LinkedIn profile here.

If you would like to contact Shyam, please send him an email at shyam dot uw at gmail or tweet him at shyamuw . Considering how addicted he is to his phone, he is likely to get back to you much quicker than necessary!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. catchharish

    You must surely have a more easier and intuitive way to navigate your posts.. Currently finding your older blog posts seems like a pain… Please take a look at it.. I am sure you can group your blogs by month and have links to it on the right panel… Try to have it.. would make lives of your readers a lil easier you see..:)!!

  2. sathyamurthi

    Shyam : you are missing a point, the team is fully owned subsidiary of GMR corporation, so why would they not do everything to maximize corporate returns (I think this happened because of networth criteria for bidding the teams unless the corporates bid they may not be able to meet networth criteria is my guess)

    You are being too polite by saying teams are increasing their catchment area – no BCCI big bosses are playing vote bank politics by allocating these matches.

    I have no issues with either of these, the one who has leverage will exercise it to

    CSK ends-up in Dharmasala at the end of season when they are tired playing a crucial match and takes 2 days to travel to venue, I always think it is unfair but I always remind myself it was from here Dhoni powered CSK to its first IPL title …

  3. Ruger Welty

    hi Shyam this is Ruger I decided to look up your blog to show my peers at school and found this.. its awesome cheers!