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The Cricket World Cup begins in 15 days with a promising double-header. Sri Lanka play New Zealand at Christchurch and Australia face England at the Melbourne Cricket ground. If, like me, you live in the U.S you are probably already thinking about ways to celebrate Valentine’s day a week early or a week late so that you can watch these two great games on Friday the 13’th as well as the India vs. Pakistan dandy from Adelaide on Valentine’s day. Cricket’s biggest tournament will suck you in then whether you like it or not. You can pretend to not care, blaming the format of the sport or the tournament but in the quietest months of the sports calendar, the World Cup will suck all of your Facebook, Twitter and internet time. You will find ways to check the score and you will visit Cricinfo at least as many times as you go the loo daily. Don’t fight it!

So if like me you are in the U.S, how do you watch the World Cup? I had the same question and I contacted ESPN and Willow TV. Here is what I heard back –

Currently, ESPN Pass will feature exclusive coverage of the entire ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. ESPN Pass is ESPN’s streaming video service for exclusive live and replay content over broadband connectivity for computers, Apple iOS and Android devices. Unlike WatchESPN, ESPN Pass utilizes a one-time pay per event as well as pay per season subscription service and does NOT require cable subscriber authentication to view

It is unclear to me how and where to sign up for ESPN Pass. I expect we will see the details soon. But be prepared for a $99.99 (my guess) package that gets you all the World cup games live via ESPN Pass which to be very clear is not WATCHESPN, ESPN3. I hope we will be able to access this app on all smart TVs, phones and tablets reliably as well as be able to chromecast from the get-go. Otherwise 1-888-549-3776 is bound to be bombarded with a trillion phone calls on Valentine’s day.

Willow TV and which do a stellar job of covering cricket in the U.S replied to my queries stating they don’t have any plans of showing the World Cup live at this moment.

I will update this as soon as ESPN releases details of ESPN Pass for the Cricket World Cup. In the meantime please do email or call ESPN support and ask for more details on their plans for World Cup coverage. More voices can only help.

Here’s to cricket and here’s hoping this all gets sorted out before the first ball is bowled.

P.S: I pick New Zealand to win this edition of the World Cup.

4 Responses to “How to watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 in the U.S”

  1. Ravi Choksi

    There is an alternative to which you can sign up. is showing the full icc world cup 2015 for only £18.99! I was recommended by a friend and have watched, it’s pretty cheap considering ESPN pass costing way more! Thanks

  2. Partha

    Thanks for this information. This is very helpful. Do you have any new update?
    I do not see the warm up matches on the watch espn schedule anymore.

  3. Smart free TV

    This must be an IQ test. You can watch it for free via captialist pirate TV or pay $49 Aussie dollars to get it via Star. Down with ESpN