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Watching several hours of NFL football for over a decade finally bore fruit as the roomful of heroes at NFL.COM’s Around the League blog and podcast invited me to participate in their monthly trivia contest titled ‘Win Chris Wesseling’s toaster’.

I have been a huge fan of Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling and it was indeed a great thrill to speak with them and participate in NFL trivia versus Chris. The whole experience was fun, thrilling and one that made my Wednesday. Please listen to minutes 49-61 of the podcast to find out how I did. Also tell me how much you scored?

The whole episode is here and the episode is titled ‘Week 8 TNF Preview, Greg Cosell’.
You can also search for Around the League on your podcast app.

My eight minutes of internet fame were a lot of fun. Hope you get a laugh as well.

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