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Thanks to the wonderful folks at ESPNcricinfo I was lucky enough to be part of their Google+ Hangout with Rahul Dravid aka the only cause I cared for. It lasted 50 minutes and was an educational and fun experience at 2 AM on a Monday. Six of the people who participated in the Hangout were from the U.S. I have enough questions to bug Dravid with for a week but this was a mighty fine substitute.

While the sound quality from the studio could have been better, the technology and logistics to get 10 people from different parts of the world interacting on a browser tab with one of the all-time greats was mind-boggling. This is a great platform for collaboration and interaction and I am sure it will evolve into something very profound for sports websites, media outlets and athletes themselves.

You can watch the whole video here.


Thanks ESPNcricinfo and thanks again Rahul Dravid for the joys of a lifetime.

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