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Regular work and life entail a lot of routine and familiarity. This makes it harder for me to embrace and view other people’s perspectives and lives in this wonderful world of ours. Too often I am taking the same route to work, eating the same foods, repeating the same worlds and narrowing my comfort zone to a fine granularity.

Hence one of my goals on my sabbatical was to talk to as many different types of locals and tourists as possible. I wanted to soak up as many different opinions and perspectives as possible from the India that I experience on this trip. What goes thru the minds of those whose worlds are different from mine in every single way from clothing to food to shelter to goals? What can I learn and what can I empathize with? What can I appreciate and what makes others happy? What gives them hope and joy and what causes them the most angst?

In Jaipur, I spent some quality time with a cab driver by the name of Dalu Ram Saini. He was competent, polite to a fault and incredibly cheerful. He was also fiercely proud of his city and wanted me to tell all my friends that they should visit Jaipur. In my 3 minute audio interview below, I have tried to capture his spirit and my abysmal Hindi. Enjoy!

Interview – [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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  1. Kripa

    Coincidently I was also in Jaipur for a wedding the same day you were and I had a chance to visit udaipur as well. I have to agree with you that the rajasthanis are very proud indeed of their culture