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So let’s say you don’t root for either the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Let’s say you hate rooting for CSK because they have already won the league twice and you want to see a different winner. Let’s say you believe that Mr N. Srinivasan is the root of all evil and deserves to be punished for wearing dual hats as the caretaker of Indian cricket and the Chennai Super Kings. Let’s say you hate all things Chennai or have no interest in picking a side in Sunday’s blockbuster finale. Let’s say you are about to root for change and the Kolkata Knight Riders…..This post will help you.

Here’s why you should still root for the Chennai Super Kings and not for Shah Rukh Khan’s Kkkkkkkkkkolkata Knight Riders….

Fans – Chennai fans are hip, passionate and cool. They take to the streets of downtown San Francisco to give you this – [youtube] .

Contrast that with KKR’s fans captured below. You have to dig pretty deep to locate a less talented group of erstwhile no-names to jump on your bandwagon! Sanjay Kapoor and Chunky Pandey – Really? Was Uday Chopra too busy? Was Jimmy Shergill too stoned to show up?

If you are a neutral fan, do you really want to be on the same side as Sanjay Kapoor?

Shah Rukh Khan’s ego -Shah Rukh Khan is the man who has it all. He already believes he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Do you really want to see him and hear him after an IPL trophy? Do you want to hear him mention that at every interview film and non-film related? Do you want to see this embedded shamelessly in all of his movies and songs? Do you want to hear Karan Johar ramble on about the greatness of Shah Rukh Khan and his leadership skills? Wouldn’t you rather he fail at this cricket thing? Plus, this is how he trolled Chennaites the last time he had an opportunity to.

Root for the entertainers – Chennai has been the more entertaining side this year. They managed to score 42 runs off two overs to stun the Mallyas in a game they had no business wining. They conceded 14 off 3 balls in a finish they had no business losing. They scored 5 off the last ball to stay alive in the competition. They needed four out of six results to go their way including this dandy to just make it to the playoffs. They recovered from 1 for 2 in a must-win game. They have defied the odds and fought math and reason to still be alive in the competition. They have been the cardiac kids of the league. KKR on the other hand have been methodical and clinical. Jacques Kallis and Gautam Gambhir are entertaining in the way that Watching Paint Dry is. Narine is extraordinarily gifted and the lone exception in a team full of stonewallers and surgeons. Wouldn’t you rather watch this guy dance than root for this guy below? Wouldn’t you rather that the cool, composed and inspiring good guy MS Dhoni win? Don’t you want to watch another helicopter shot?

Yes, this is an extremely biased post from a biased CSK fan. But look at it as a request for the larger benefit of all. When Shah Rukh Khan loses and when real entertainers win, we all win. Go, CSK!

Whistle Podu!

5 Responses to “Why neutral fans should root for the Chennai Super Kings and not Kolkata”

  1. rootofall3vil

    Ummm.. you lost me at: “Jacques Kallis and Gautam Gambhir are entertaining in the way that Watching Paint Dry is.”

    Are you watching the IPL I am? Gambhir has brought his A game this IPL, it is a delight watching him using his feet against Pacers let alone spinners. I am not even going to mention the delightful square cuts and the surprising sixes for such a little man he scores regularly. I wouldn’t desribe arguably the best players of spin India has (along with VVS) akin to “watching paint dry”

    May be you just got carried away while forming an already thin argument of reasons to support CSK. 🙂

    • shyamuw

      @rootofall3vil the post was an exaggerated and biased rant of a CSK fan like I mentioned thru the post:). I am certain a KKR fan can say similar things about Badrinath or Raina. This is a fan post in an unfair and biased manner that represents the passion and trash talking and trolling of a lot of fans :).

  2. Arjun

    “stun the Mallyas”

    Channeling your inner Bill Simmons i see