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Dwayne Smith of the Mumbai Indians just scored fourteen runs of the last three balls of the game to help his team pull off an incredible, odds-defying victory. It was the cricketing equivalent of a Hail Mary finish. I watched the entire game live and shell-shocked does not even begin to describe how I felt at the finish.

Here’s why –

When your team scores the highest score at the stadium all tournament long, you don’t doubt victory……….

When the crown jewel of the city did not finish the job and gets out to a catch for the ages, you believe the team you root for will win…….

When the team you root for has won games chasing 42 in 12 balls, you believe they will win……

When the crowd at the stadium and the spoilt celebrities of the glitzy city sport the biggest and most clueless ‘WTF just happened?’ look of all time, you believe that the team you root for will win…………

When the owner of the team you are competing against has this look, you believe your team will win…..

When the team you root for is defending 14 runs in three balls, you just KNOW your team will win…….

When the bowler in question has already bowled a maiden over (rarer at the IPL than an Indian cheerleader), you know your team will win……….

When the batsman in question is playing his first game of the tournament, you don’t doubt victory……..

When you know that the bowler in question has and can bowl a bouncer that will make a defeat mathematically impossible, you don’t doubt your team will win…..

And yet one six and two fours later…..the team you root for, loses!

I’m shocked, surprised and in awe. Sometimes the team you root for, loses.

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  1. fckingblog

    Well said boss. Ran out of stadium last night after the last four, couldn’t take the NOISE.


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