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Chris Polk is my favorite prospect in this year’s NFL draft. I hope my beloved Packers will have a chance at drafting him and end up drafting him. I am aware that most draftniks don’t rate him as first rounder or a top 5 RB in the draft. But every year, certain prospects (especially at running back), have a way of outperforming draft statuses and experts’ predictions. My hope is Polk will be one of those in 2012.

My man crush on this Husky RB began on October 3 2009 in an overtime thriller versus Notre Dame. I watched as the redshirt freshman running back lined up in various positions and produced close to a 150 yards from scrimmage. I loved the way he pass-protected in that game and saw a little Bryan Westbrook in him. He also ran tough, broke tackles and provided several explosive runs. The run at the 5:22 mark of this video is my favorite from the game.

I watched Polk a lot since then and have never seen anything in his game that concerns me. No, I am not a professional scout and I also don’t play one on TV. But I am a pretty passionate football fan who watches way too much football. None of the other backs in this year’s draft – Trent Richardson included captivated my attention quite like Chris Polk. In around 800 carries, Polk has run for over 4000 yards in his college career. He has also caught almost 80 passes at nine yards/catch. While having more carries in college is not necessarily a good thing, the sample size for Polk is significantly larger than for other top prospects in this draft such as David Wilson, Doug Martin and of course, Trent Richardson.

NFL teams have more data and film on prospects than I’d ever have. NFL teams have knowledge from personal interviews with Polk, friends and family. I am sure most of them would have done their due diligence on Polk. If Polk came back for his senior year, Washington would have been ranked #2 if not #1 withing the Pac-12.

With the information, I have and based purely on what I watched on the field, I truly believe Polk will end up being the best running back in this class. Best of luck!/1chrispolk ! Prove me right!

Update: Brian James sent over this great Polk profile from CBS Sports

How can you not love this running back? Go Polk!

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    Thanks Brian ! I have added a link to the video in the post. It is a great piece about a great player.


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